This course is meant for teachers in higher education. It is meant to support you to decide which ICT-possibilities you like to use in your regular course. You might have some positive and negative experiences with on-line learning.  Maybe the learning of the students can be supported? Maybe the work for you as a teacher might improve. Or maybe you want to try other new didactical possibilities.

Formulate evidence based ideas what kind of ICT-activities you want to introduce in your course.

Learning objectives

  1. Answer the question why teachers in higher education consider to apply ICT in their blended learning courses.
  2. Get acquainted with various evidence based possibilities to use ICT in blended learning courses.
  3. Study an overview of possible ICTedu-tools (software).
  4. Exercise in selecting 'ICT-ideas' to realise a specific wish or solve an specific problem in a course.

Some design remarks:

  • There are many possibilities to use ICT in blended learning. To present and discuss all these possibilities will be rather boring. Therefore, in this E course an overview is given of many possible uses. In the exercises the user is stimulated to think how you can use ICT in a specific educational context to improve the quality of your course.
  • In the various descriptions a reference is given to short explanations in which more details of a certain possibility are given.
  • In the description the focus is on explaining the possibilities to teachers who are not experts in blended learning. In many articles books the description cannot easily translated into specific course activities by regular teacher.
  • The course can be used as a guide of the library which you can use if you want to have new possibility to use ICT in your course. The course can be used as self-study or as part of a training programme.
  • I hope that if this course is used several times teacher is better prepared to read the scientific articles about blended learning and the use of ICT in higher education.